Friday, June 15, 2012

Ms. Lowe's Class, Area 7

Dear G5
Area 7 at Oberthur Primary School is a Year 4/5 class of 14 boys and 14 girls - in total we have 28 children. There are 12 year 4‘s and 16 year 5’s. How many people are in your class? Oberthur Primary School is located in Perth, Bull Creek. Perth is the capital city of Western Australia and it is a wonderful place to live.

Most of the students in our class own Macbooks. We use Macbooks for many of our class activities. In our class if some of the people don’t have Macbooks they can use the class Macbooks. We also have an interactive whiteboard in our classroom which is a whiteboard that is touchscreen and lets us see what is on the teacher’s Macbook. What technical devices do you use for some of your activities?

Right now in Australia it is beginning get colder and it is nearly winter since we live in the Southern Hemisphere. What season is it now in your country?

Area 7 is currently studying things about Ancient Greece. Here in Area 7 we have newspapers delivered to our door. We use the newspapers to read the Ancient Greek story “The Minotaur.” In our school we have students from Kindy to Year 7.

Every Friday the Year 5’s to 7’s have senior sport. The Sports we have are AFL,(Australian Football League), soccer, basketball, T-ball, volleyball, netball, hockey and league tag. Some of the sports are sports that are inter school sports that means that people selected in the teams may compete in the carnivals. We have had our Swimming Carnival and soon we will have the Winter Carnival. In your school do you have a time where senior children do sport?

In Australia there are many Landmarks - Uluru is one that is very famous. Uluru is a rock that was formed by mother nature. In Perth there is a bell tower and it is called the Swan Bells. They are also called the Bell Tower. What famous landmarks are there in your country?

At Oberthur Primary we learn a second language which is Chinese Mandarin. In Chinese we are currently studying the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We are learning the chinese translation of the book. At your school are you learning another language other than English?
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  1. Great Job Lin-lin.

    1. Thanks, Govinda, The package is ready to Nepal!