Friday, April 27, 2012

Big Question Fair, E28 on local TV news again ! (5-3)

We are so proud to watch E28's wonderful presentation about the global energy issue in Big Question Fair.  You ARE the role model of 5-3 !!!  Way to go E28! Karsen and Cody, I am very impressed by your explanation! 

April 26, 2012 (From Mr. Saulnier)

Our class was again showcased on the local news regarding our Big Question Learning Fair!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ms Brennock's 6th Class, Ireland (5-4)


We received an e-mail from our Class Pal from Ireland!!! They have plenty of beautiful animals, exciting sports and cool weather.  Here in Taiwan is just like summer (average temperture in Kaohsiung 22-32 celsius degree. We have a lot of great fruits in Taiwan and many pretty animals in the mountains.  Children here play basketball, dodgeball and baseball a lot.  We will also send class messages via this platform and keep in touch!

The following is the content of the mail: 
Dear G5
Hi everyone!
We are 6th class (11-12) in Dublin, Ireland. We are a mixed school (boys and girls) and we have 24 people in our class.

In Ireland the weather is a bit rainy and windy now. Although there were hailstones last night. What's the weather like where you are?

What kind of animals do you have in Taiwan? In Ireland we have deer, foxes, many types of birds including seagulls, robins and magpies and squirrels!

In Ireland we love to play sports. We have three of our own sports called Gaelic football, hurling and camogie (which is hurling for girls). We also play rugby and football. We have a school Gaelic team for boys and for girls. The boys won their quarter-finals yesterday and we all got a night of homework! The girls are doing very well too and only drew one of their matches and won the rest! We also have a G.A.A (gaelic athletic association) club outside of school called O'Dwyers. All Irish sports are played in that!

What kind of sports do you play in your school or outside of it ?

If you want to have a look at our blog here is the link..
or if you want to find out some information on Irish sports here is the link to the O'Dwyers blog ...

From: Ms Brennock's 6th Class
St Molaga SNS, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hi, Spoon's Class, S. Carolina (5-5)

Grade 5, Class 5 is going to introduce themselves little by little.  More details will be coming soon ! 
Best regards,
May and linlin

Saturday, April 21, 2012

"I like" Read aloud by Daren and Judy (5-2)

We are so honored to read this lovely poem for the author of it--Ms. Mary Ann Hobberman.  It is recommended by Ms. Raine, linlin's teacher friend in USA.

We also dedicate this short clip for 5-2's Class Pal, 6T @ Tanfield Lea Primary School, UK.  Thanks to Jenny Coode at Oddizzi who introduced us to our classpal.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Inspiring and Meaningful Learning Activities in Class

Thanks to Mr. Saulnier and E28 keep sending us their recent interesting learning activities.  The hands-on math project is so interesting and I would like to introduce it to G5-3 and try to do the same and see what comes out.  It looks so cool !  In addition, World Earth Day is on the way and E28 gave us a great example of doing something to protect our environment.  I put the link here in order to be role model or reference for G5-3 and other classes.

April 19, 2012  (From Mr. Saulnier and E28)

Here is some pictures of some recent happenings in our classroom.  The first set of pictures is from a math project where we used recycled paper to make 1 meter cubed cubes to see approximately how many cubed meters our classroom is.  We concluded that our classroom is about 88 cubed meters.  The second set of pictures is from plants we recently planted.  We are doing two projects with the plants: Tomatosphere and Little Green Thumbs.  Please see the links below to learn more about our projects:



Thursday, April 19, 2012

5-4 sings for 7.a Vonsild, Denmark

Dear 7.a Vonsild,

We are Grade 5, Class 4, your class pal in Taiwan. Today, when we were back from a field trip, we recorded a short video clip for you. The classroom was a little bit messy but we can't wait to say hi to you. We are very excited to have friends from Denmark and we will keep in touch with you.

There are 32 students in our class and our homeroom teacher is Ms. Hong and our English teacher is linlin Tan.

Best regards and we will record other videos for you ASAP


Spoonsclass, USA (5-5)

We are so excited to receive this short video sent from Spoonsclass, South Carolina.  They are our ClassPal for Grade 5, Class 5.  Their classroom setting is so different from ours in Taiwan.  We will send our greetings to our friends in short time.

Dear G5
Hello from South Carolina, United States!!! Our 4th grade class just wanted to give you a sneek peak into our home away from home. This is just a snapshot of the amazing school and classroom we enjoy everyday. Just click the link below to watch our video. You can also check out our blogs and class website. We'd love to hear from you! If you'd like to send us a video or pictures of your school, we'd love to see them! We've really enjoyed those of you that have already sent us pictures.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Video -
Blog -
Website -
From: Spoonsclass
Wellford Academy of Science and Technology, South Carolina, US

Monday, April 2, 2012

Children's Day Fair,2012

We play games in Physics, body fitness and have FUN~~!!!
Have a great time watching it !

Children's Day Celebration

April 4th is Children's Day and we celebrate it in advance for we will have a holiday on that day.

We set up many stands such as science, body fitness, trash recycling and language.  Students played games at these stands and acquired a "pass" stamp, when they finished all the games in these stands they can have a card to draw lots and get prizes.

Thanks to teachers and our parents volunteers who helped out this fest.