Monday, February 27, 2017

Learn to interview a person

News Reporter: Hello. This is James Goodfellow from Channel 4 news. Today, we are interviewing Sarah Roberts, the star of the new movie, Zombies on Mars Part 4. Sarah, uh, thanks for joining us.
Sarah: You're welcome, Jimmy.
News Reporter: It's, uh, James.
Sarah: Whatever . . .
News Reporter: Well, let's start off the interview with a few basic questions. First of all, where are you from?
Sarah: Well, I'm originally from Miami, but we moved to New York when I was three years old. [Oh.] I lived there until I was 17, and then I moved to Los Angeles to be an actress.
News Reporter: Okay, and where did you go to college?
Sarah: I attended Fernando's School of Acting, and all of my teachers LOVED my acting.
News Reporter: And, did you have a part-time job while you were in school?
Sarah: Yeah. I worked at a movie theater, and everyone LOVED the way I made the popcorn.
News Reporter: Really. Okay, and how old are you now?
Sarah: Well, I'm only 20, but everyone I know says I look at LEAST 22.
News Reporter: Oh, right. Okay. And, what are you hobbies outside of acting?
Sarah: Oh, I love shopping for clothes and makeup and, and . . . . Did I say I love shopping for clothes?
News Reporter: Well, you DID say clothes . . .
Sarah: Oh, yeah. Well, do you want to take some pictures of me . . . you know, for your homepage or your blog and you can even use them on your Facebook fan page.
News Reporter: Uh, I think we'll be okay.
Sarah: Okay, well, um . . . Oh, oh look, all of my fans. Hey, gotta gohoney. Hi everyone.