Saturday, June 2, 2012

Little Green Thumbs t-shirts, E28

We are SO HAPPY to see our e-pals sending us their recent photos.  They wear little green thumbs t-shirts and look so COOL! 
E28 is our model of doing GREEN works in campus.  It is very important to preserve a good environment for our next generation.  In addition to planting trees and vegetables, in Fo-Gong, we have also a "no meat" lunch one day every month and we also serve vegetarian food every day for teachers and students who do not eat meat.
Have a look of our wonderful and lovely class pals!  We enjoy it so much!

May 31, 2012 (From Mr. Saulnier)

A couple of class pictures wearing our Little Green Thumbs t-shirts:


  1. The big refrigerator behind you looks "cool" too. How is the temperture in Lloydminster now? It is very hot in Kaohsiung now. The average temputer is 29-32 Celsius degree.

    1. p.s. It is ALWAYS very delightful to see you !