Friday, June 15, 2012

G5-1's letter for Area 7

Hi dear Area 7,
Thank you for the very detailed introduction of your class and city.  We love your photos, too!

Sorry for replying your e-mail so late.  We have 15 boys and 15 girls in class.  We are all 11 years old.  Fo-Gong Elementary School locates in Kaohsiung (the biggest city in Southern Taiwan) and it is a public school.  The age of the pupils here are from 7 to 12 (Grade 1~Grade 6) and we have a kindergarten class, age 5-6.  The amount of students is 828 and we are middle sized school.

We don’t have Macbooks but some classrooms are equipped with smart boards which enable us to meet teachers or classes around the world.  We enjoy doing projects which collaborate with other nations.  It is delightful to make friends outside our country.

It is summer now in Taiwan and very hot (29-34 Celsius degree)…still, we like to play basketball, dodge ball and tennis.  Our school has a very big sports meet every year and we have a tug-of-war school team and Grade 5 and Grade 6 have classes competition of the sport.
The link above is the race of tug-of-war in 2011, Grade 5-4 versus Grade 5-3.

We are learning Taiwan’s history from prehistory until now.  Taiwan used to be called “Formosa” (beautiful island) by Portuguese (Taiwan had been occupied by other nations, such as Netherlands, Spain and Japan).  We use traditional Chinese words unlike Mainland China and Singapore.  They use simplified Chinese characters.

English is taught from Grade 3 here and only 2 classes per week, We learn Chinese, Taiwanese and English.  We speak a little English and luckily we have many peers around the world which motivate us to learn more about the language and different cultures.

This semester is going to be end on June 29 and after we come back in September we will be grade 6 students.  Our class is going to mail via air our drawings of Fo-Gong Babies (our school symbol) and there are greetings and questions we want to send to you before the end of the semester.  Could we have your school’s address?

The following are photos from our class.  Hope you like it.

Best regards from

Kaohsiung Municipal Fo-Gong Elementary School
No.135 Ho-ping Road 804 Chien Jeng District, Kaohsiung,
Tel: 886-7-8229801 #112

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