Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fo Gong and other friend nations in Todd's Global Project (Postcard Swap 2012-2013)

We have finished the first part of our postcard swap on Todd's global Project 2012/2013  with a lot of fun and joy in recent months. Thanks to all the awesome postcards sent by schools from so many countries. You can find all the photos on the appropriate flipbook of Todd's project blog at (除了之前在這裡的記錄以外,在這計畫的國際網路平台站上也可以看見佛公小星星們參加的歷程ㄛ,第二階段我們要做的是開學後重要節日的介紹報導~每個參與的國家都將奮力製作, 我們也要加油喔!)

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