Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Thanks to our classpal in Tanfield Lea school.  They wrote their reply of our Fo-Gong Babies via Oddizzi.  They also ask some questions and we will answers them asap.

Dear G6
Here are some of the answers you asked us.

The population of the UK is 62,698,362.
I eat Golden balls for breakfast.
Yes the people here are very friendly here and yes the food is amazing here.
My name is Olivia and Aaron. Aaron’s best friend is Daniel and Olivia’s best friend is Bethany.
The weather in summer is sometimes hot and sometimes not.
I am 10 years old yes I have a lot of friends and we live in the Stanley area.
Yes the chocolate cake here is stunning. Football is what I am good at.
Yes we like Taiwan. My favourite sport to play is football.
The weather in England is cold and freezing. We play on the computer at home.
We go to bed at 10:00pm. Thanks for all the questions we had fun answering them.
Also, we received your questions but we are here to ask you some questions!
1. What is it like in Taiwan?
2. What's the name of your school?
3.Whats your favourite subject in school?
4. What's the most commen pet in your country?
5. What type of music do you listen to?
6. What kinds of things do you celebrate?
7.Whats your culture like?
8.What do you do for your Hobbies?
9. What have you been learning about?
10. Do you know any facts about World War II which we have been learning about?

I am going to tell you about our amazing school. We have 9 classes, 2 reception classes and one class in each year group 1 to 6. We have many different after school clubs such as street dance, craft club,multi sports, football,choir,garden club,homework. All children throughout the school can attend a club for a small charge. Our head teacher is called Miss Hemmings but she is currently working with a different school, so our deputy head covers, she is called Mrs Northcott - whats your headteacher called? The reception teachers are Mrs Hunter and Mrs Geech. Mrs Geech is new to our school she only recently joined in september . Our year 1 teacher is Mrs Northcott and our year 2 teacher is called Mrs Penna. The teachers from year 3 up to 6 are called Mrs Davis,Miss Brown, Mrs Raper and Mr Temple.
What are the teachers called in your school called? How many classes do you have in your entire school?
We also thought you would like to know about the area where we live.
Stanley is a former colliery town (this is where men and boys a long time ago would work underground collecting coal for fuel).
There are about 16,200 people living in our town at the moment. The children in the area go to a range of schools they don't all come to our school - can you imagine how big our school would have to be if they all came to Tanfield Lea.
Stanley means stoney field in old english.
In Stanley we have a range of shops such as ASDA which is a food shop, Boots which is a chemist, Peters and Greggs which are both bakeries, some banks, travelagents,a police station, and a post office.
It would be great if you would send some information about where you live.

Goodbye (how do you say goodbye?)
From Daniel, Ella, Aaron, Olivia, Sophie and Caitlin.

From: Year 6

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