Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wow! It is so cold there in Lloydminster

January 16, 2012  (by Mr. Saulnier)

The snow finally arrived over the weekend.  Also the cold weather has entered with a vengeance.  This morning in Lloydminster it is minus 26 degrees Celsius.  With the wind chill it feels like minus 37 degrees Celsius.  I notice today in Koahsiung the projected high is 22 degrees Celsius.  That means you are 59 degrees warmer than us today.  Yikes!  When it is colder than minus 25 degree Celsius it is too cold for the students to go outside as there is a risk that they will get frost bite (skin freezes).  During their recess breaks they play games inside the classroom rather than heading outside to play

Another unique thing about being super cold outside is that we have to plug in our vehicles.  It is plugged into the block heater to keep the engine block from freezing up.  This helps ensure that our vehicles start when it is this cold.

The pictures below are taken by the Queen Elizabeth teachers parking lot this morning.

Thanks to the teachers who took the amazing photos for us.  We are very impressed!  I only saw real snow once and my students...have not seen it in real life yet.

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  1. What a frozen daybreak...! And, at what temperture degree does your school announce a day off for the unbearable weather?