Friday, December 23, 2011

5-3 寒假作業 Snow posters about various topics made by E28

December 21, 2011

Today is the last day of school prior to the Christmas break.  We will resume school on January 9.  We have completed our snow posters about various topics to do with snow.  Here is the students work:

Lloydminster Logo
This is the Lloydminster logo. It represents our Saskatchewan and Alberta city. It also represents the borders because we are a split city. We live in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Our city is right on the border. Our school is on the Alberta side. Lloydminster is the only border city in Canada.

Welcome to Lloydminster!

Hello Taiwan! This is a picture of our Lloydminster Border City sign. It is called “Border City because it separates Alberta from Saskatchewan.

Yearly Average Temperatures in Lloydminster

In our poster we have the average temperatures for all the months of the year in Lloydminster.  Since you may have never seen any temperature below 0c (the thick line).  Anything on our poster below the thick line is below Oc.  In April – October the temperature is above zero.  Our average temperature in July is the same temperature as a January in Taiwan. E-28 hopes this double bar graph will help you in learning about Canada!


The Average Snowfall in Central Alberta

This is our poster this poster has everything about the average snowfall in Central Alberta. As you know the there are six boxes and the three at the top is a bar graph about Central Alberta. Also the three on the bottom are about how much snow. There was in three places and how much centimeters and about how much inches in every place.

Average Snowfall in Lloydminster
Our snow poster is about the average snowfall in Lloydminster. It includes  days, place, inches and centimetres. The days are 55.1, The place is Lloydminster, The inches are 40.7 and the centimetres are 103.5.

Lloydminster’s Record Snow Fall  
   Our poster shows Lloydminster’s record snow fall in one day. This is the most snow we have ever had in all of Lloydminster’s history. Our poster shows how tall 58cm is and what it is up to on a house and a truck. 58cm of snow up to a house is up to the door, 58cm of snow up to a truck is just at the top of the tire. That is Lloydminster’s record snow fall.


In our project my group learned that we use 1.1 million dollars in the snow removal jobs around Lloydminster each year.   They use different sized buckets and they can use a broom also.  They do this because it is safer to drive on cement than ice.  A set of tires is about $2000 including taxes.  The city pays for most of the gas, tires and snow removal machines.  The town uses different machines like big and small and some use bobcats.

Winter sports

Hi this is our winter sports poster. Some winter sports might be: skiing, skating, ice fishing, sledding, snowboarding, hockey and curling.

Ice fishing

Ice fishing is when you drill a hole in the ice and go fishing for big fish.


Go on the ice with a pair of skates on your feet and a helmet on your head. 


Sledding is you go down a hill really fast it is really fun.


You go down a hill and try to keep your balance it is tricky.


You use poles to move they have tracks for it.


Is skating with equipment it is not very different from skating at all.


is sliding a special kind of rock across the ice.


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  1. Wow!!! What impressive works you have done for us. We really like SNOW a lot cause we can only see it on the top of mountains in very very cold winter. Wish you enjoy your holidays and Class 5-3 will keep posting vidios and collect their hand-made craft for you. Maybe you will receive something from them after the winter break. Best regards from linlin