Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Beyond the Classroom

"On December 14, our e-Pal project was featured on the local Lloydminster Newcap News.  The piece is called “Beyond the Classroom” of which features cool things happening in schools in Lloydminster.  It was really exciting to have E28 and our Taiwanese friends featured.  We have uploaded a portion of the news cast for your enjoyment.  The segment can be viewed at approximately the 2:39 minute mark of the clip." Mr. Justin Saulnier
親愛的同學們 我們的e-pal交流及國際間的學習情形已經在加拿大的Lloydminster地方電視台播出了!  E28的同學很努力在學習有關台灣的文化和地理常識喔!  我們也要一起努力,增進我們對Lloydminster的地方知識及文化了解,進而培養我們文化欣賞及交流的能力喔!  老師也從中學習到許多新奇的事物. 我們一起加油.吧!

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