Friday, April 4, 2014

【Taiwan Academy】Children games in Taiwan

The introduction is linked from youtube and introduced by our very good friend, Ilse.  She even illustrated the origin of Children's Day in Taiwan.  The following information is precious for us and overseas friends!

Thanks to Ilse!!!

From Ilse:

Dear Lin-lin and Lena in Kaohsiung/Taiwan,

Happy Taiwanese Children's Day to all your students and Taiwanese kids today!

Information to Todd's other Teacher Friends:

Taiwan designated April 4 as Children's Day  兒童節. The holiday dates back to 1931 and since then schools hold special activities in order to celebrate the occasion. Because of pressure from parents demanding to accompany their children in the celebration, Taiwan celebrated Women's Day together with Children's Day on April 4, 1991. Since then, April 4 has been known as "The Combined Holidays of Women's Day and Children's Day" ( 婦女節、兒童節合併假期). It has been a public holiday of Taiwan since 2011.

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