Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Have Passion to teach, have Passion to learn

Thanks to Janet Barnstable's invitation.  My classes had very joyful experience to collaborate with teachers and classes around the world.  In addition to Todd's Project (Postcard Swap) and Ms. Orly Winer's Puppet Exchange Project, we also did some very interesting projects in GC and HLW.  In the coming new term which begins from Aug. 30, we are going to move on doing international programs with our teacher friends in the world.

A collaborative project of:
Grow Passion!
in your classroom this year.
Dear Global Educators,

We invite you to join us in a project bringing passion into the classroom!  Yes, that's right: passion.  We learn; we teach others; we talk -  about that for which we have a passion.  Why not cultivate such passion in our students.

Ask them about the passions they already have:
  • How does that passion inspire you when things are tough?
  • In what ways can your passion inspire others?
  • Can you be inspired to learn more about another's passion?
What's our plan? 
Visit GVC Clubhouse: Passion Project for in depth details.
  1. Starting with 'InternationalDotDay' in mid September, we ask students to identify their passions.  
  2. Rolling right into 'International Peace Day' we are running world wide Google Hangouts: "Passionate about Peace".
  3. Coming up to Fall with many harvest festivals, thanksgiving celebrations, etc., we will concentrate on how our passions help us grow.  Not just bigger and stronger, but also grow in kindness and understanding.
  4. Winter holidays and gift giving time... in what ways can they share their passion with others in the world?
The sharing is an important part and throughout the fall and early winter we will provide opportunities for you and your students to share their passions.

Janet Barnstable, Global Virtual Classroom Program Manager & HLW
Louise Morgan, Global Classroom Project Co-Organizer & HLW
Steve Sherman, LivingMaths Founder & HLW
Katherine Zublatnik, Founder of HLW Skypers
Lorraine Leo, K-8 educator, HLW
Andrew Ezzell, Founder and President of Give Something Back International

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