Friday, October 12, 2012

We Got a Mail from 2T in Sydney, Australia

Yeah~! Lovely Year 2 in Australia sent us a parcel
We recieved a letter from Year 2 (2T), Roseville College Junior School in Australia. There was a flat friend (Flat Rosie) inside, a book about Australia, some questions and a Koala.
Visit Flat Rosie´s blog: 
and the class:
Our 6th graders will help us answer the questions

 This is what our PE uniform looks like.
 We will answer your questions and send you via air-mail.

These are some answers.


  1. Hi my name is Sally and I sent you Flat Rosie. Thank you for answering my questions and for enjoying Flat Rosie. I hope you enjoy learning about Sydney, Australia and I am looking forward to seeing more about what you are learning.

    1. Thank you Sally, your students have done a great job on the introducion of beautiful Australia. We will send our reply when my grade 6 students finish it.

      Best regards,