Friday, April 20, 2012

Inspiring and Meaningful Learning Activities in Class

Thanks to Mr. Saulnier and E28 keep sending us their recent interesting learning activities.  The hands-on math project is so interesting and I would like to introduce it to G5-3 and try to do the same and see what comes out.  It looks so cool !  In addition, World Earth Day is on the way and E28 gave us a great example of doing something to protect our environment.  I put the link here in order to be role model or reference for G5-3 and other classes.

April 19, 2012  (From Mr. Saulnier and E28)

Here is some pictures of some recent happenings in our classroom.  The first set of pictures is from a math project where we used recycled paper to make 1 meter cubed cubes to see approximately how many cubed meters our classroom is.  We concluded that our classroom is about 88 cubed meters.  The second set of pictures is from plants we recently planted.  We are doing two projects with the plants: Tomatosphere and Little Green Thumbs.  Please see the links below to learn more about our projects:



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