Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hi! Redhills Primary School

Feedback from students of Fo Gong Primary School, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Yi-li Chang:
Even they are only 2nd graders they speak very good English. That is what impresses me a lot. In addition, now I learn that they only do assignment (homework) once or twice a week. I feel that British are very generous. I do like to have this kind of experience again.

Fang-Jie Ding:
Their homework loading is light…. I think the children only need 40 minutes to finish up their homework in one week. They look very happy to attend the class. The children are really lovely, they are not shy. They love football and they look beautiful and healthy. This Skype meeting is meaningful because we can practice to speak English to foreigners and if I practice more and have a chance to see a foreigner, I won’t be afraid to talk to them. My English would improve a lot and make friends with students of other countries to expand my interpersonal relationship via Skype.

Fang-yu Lin:
This is a very special experience for me. Skype enables me to interact with people in English in different countries. The kids we watch on the screen are so cute and innocent. They speak fluent English, not like us, most of us sixth graders in Taiwan stutter out English…. I think this kind of learning (by Skype) encourages us to speak out with various people in other countries and make us eager to speak English.

Ting-chun Kuo:
The children are all very cute and active. They are very quiet and well-behaved too. Their voice is low, I cannot hear them clearly.
The kids we were talking to are only 2nd graders. They like to play but they know what time they should be quiet. Taiwan’s students have more homework than those students in the UK. But I feel that their learning attitude is more active than ours. We are passive. Although they are very young kids, they are enthusiastic to learn.
Via Skype, we can learn different cultures and understand different lifestyles. Skype out to a foreign country also helps me to expand my vision of the real world, enables me to practice English in listening and speaking and immediate response as well. Moreover, it enhances international communication.
I hope that the time would be longer next time and this experience is really fun and exciting!

Mong-shiu Hong:

It is interesting that when it is 15:30 in Taiwan and meanwhile it is 8:30 in the UK…. I like to speak with kids in other countries. It is fun and I can speak in English. I have to practice more and hope that next time I will have more time to ask questions.
Reflections from Linlin:
My students and I would not have such wonderful learning experience if not for Andy’s help. It is the first time we use Skype to enhance English learning and culture exchange across the huge geographical distance. I was a bit nervous and the microphone was not well prepared on my site which made me misunderstand some words from Andy. This fist contact is valuable in order to have a better future skype connection in class.

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